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Training For Your Whole Team

Are You Investing In Your Team?

Imagine having industry-specific, in-depth training developed for you and your team. What would it feel like to not have to scramble to figure out how to train your team? And if you struggle with even finding the time today to train your team, how will they get better? By tapping into the power of Learning Alliance™, you’re able to give your team the training they need to excel on every call. From strategies that create raving fans to tweaks that produce even higher revenues, it’s all here in either classroom training that powers your team up or on-demand training that keeps them going. There are classes and topics geared for every member of your team…even you.

We did zero training before, and now we train more than most companies do and we see the benefits of it. Learning Alliance has some great material for helping us turn things around.
Brent McDonald, Plumbing, Member Since 2008


Learning Alliance Instructor Lead Courses:

  • Telephone Essentials
  • Dispatching for Profit
  • Service Essentials
  • HVAC Selling Tech
  • Comfort Advisor Sales Training
  • Roofing Specialist Sales Training
  • Electricians Advanced
  • Budgeting and Strategic Planning
  • Plumbers Advanced
  • General Management – Sales
  • General Management – Operations
  • Foundational Leadership
  • High Impact Leadership
  • Developing Winning Trainers
  • Emotional Intelligence

Learning Alliance On-Demand Training Videos

(new training added every week!)

  • Preparing for the Call
  • Elements of an Introduction
  • Crafting your Credibility Statement
  • Building Rapport and Trust
  • Club Memberships
  • Building Value Before Discussing Price
  • Introducing the Systems Performance Report
  • Increasing your Average Ticket
  • Secrets of Nonverbal Communication
  • Asking Open Ended Questions
  • Preparing Options
  • Thanks for Giving
  • Setting Goals
  • Motivational Message from Clint Bruce
  • Importance of Attitude at Work
  • DISC- People Reading
  • Overcoming the Indecision Objection
  • Overcoming the Price Objection
  • Trial Closes
  • Offering Financing
  • Emotional Intelligence 1.0
  • Closing Out Your Call
  • Overcoming the Service Fee Objection
  • Overcoming the Multiple Bid Objection
  • Small Repair to Big Ticket Item
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0- Sales
  • Forging Success with KPI’s
  • Quarterly Goal Check
  • Effective Questioning
  • The Psychology of Choice
  • 6 Soft Skills You Need
  • How to Ask for a 5 Star Online Review
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Crown Champion Q & A

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