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Have questions about who SGI is or what we can do for your business? Check out our FAQs to learn how we can help you Achieve More.
Yes! We work with over 900 contractors who have turned their companies around using SGI’s marketing, pricing, training, management strategies, and more. These contractors are seeing MORE profits, free time, and stability in their lives, and as a result, they’re MORE confident about their futures.
Many contractors have been running their businesses doing the best they can, but the truth is they are still working IN their businesses not ON them. They don’t know if they’ll have work one day to the next, or even if they’ll generate year-end profit. Some contractors take jobs, even if they know it won’t turn a profit. What you will discover at Profit Day™ will change your life, even if you’ve been in business for decades.
SGI’s highly developed systems will work in any size town – big or small – and it works for any and all HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Roofing contractors who are ready to increase profits, grow their business, or get into residential.
NO! SGI had done all the work for you to put together an easy-to-follow system that turns contractors into business men and women. Contractors go to school and spend time decades perfecting their trade, but they often never get the training they need to successfully run a business. Our system is like a college crash course in business for contractors.
If your business is struggling or at a stand-still in any way of the following ways, SGI can help. Whether it’s lack of profits, trying to do it all yourself, working 60+ hours a week, recruiting good techs, training for your sales team and call takers, etc. The list goes on, but we have you covered. Our systems can help save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development costs. If you invented a comparable system that provided you with free time and great profits, it would take more than 20 years to complete. (at least) There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
SGI’s system generates results and can turn a business around, but some contractors see better results than others. Why? Because some people try to invent a new way “along” with our way. It’s up to you. If you follow the system, you can make money. Hundreds of other contractors have made more money than they ever could’ve imagined using the system. Either way – you risk nothing to checking it out.
Yes. Less than 1% of the market will gain access to SGI’s proprietary, copyrighted, and trademarked systems. There is a strict restriction to the number of contractors per area based on population and trade.
No matter how many competitors you have, you can become dominant in your market using SGI’s proven system. Your business will become more efficient in pricing your services while at the same time becoming more profitable! Most contractors are precise when working in the field, but not so much when it comes to financials, goal-setting, and business planning—this system fixes that. You’ll have the best contractors, technicians, and office staff wanting to work for you, and happy customers eager to buy from you again and recommend you to their friends!
Yes! We know recruitment and a lack of upcoming talent is an issue plaguing the trades. Imagine having to put the best contractors, technicians, and specialists in town on a waiting list because they all want to work for you. We have plug-and-play on-boarding solutions to help train new employees and improve retention, as well an assortment of trade secrets, training, and vendors to help you Grow-Your-Own techs.
That’s great! However, often times accountants only do what you tell them to do, and sometimes they can fight you on that. They don’t understand the marketing and management problems of a contracting business. They can’t look at your books and tell you where you’re spending too much or whether or not you’re running your business like a finely tuned machine. SGI knows the numbers. We have benchmarks and solutions for you to look at on a daily basis, or even a per job basis to know if you made or lost money. Can your accountant do that? We can show you what is and isn’t working for you. Cash flow? Balance Sheets? Income Statements? You will discover how to set them up, so you can make numbers-driven, smart decisions…and you can make them fast.
Too many HVAC contractors wait for “the busy months” and are frustrated during “the slow months.” Using SGI’s system, you will know how to maximize your busy months, as well as stay busy with profitable work during the traditionally slower months! There is no such thing as a dead month if you do it right.
We’re not consultants! We are profit-systems specialists for no other business other than CONTRACTORS. You will receive a fully integrated program that entails marketing, management, training, buying power, operational procedures, tactics, and much more. You will see how to improve every aspect of your company, including how to answer the phones, knock on a customer’s door, quote a job, present a bill, train your staff, and so on. Our owners and team members are either currently in contracting businesses themselves, or they have been. We know your business, because it truly is our business as well. You will never have to invent anything again – the dirty work has been done for you
No. If you are a serious, profit-minded contractor this event is sponsored by SGI and its vendor partners.
Yes! Bring your whole management team if you’d like! What you’re about to learn is so powerful, and has the ability to be so life changing, you’re going to want everyone on board with the changes you’ll be thrilled to make. This is your chance to build a team that really pulls together. Bring them!
The simple answer is, YES! SGI has created an amazing system of processes, procedures, and vendors that only members have access to. Our systems are generating results for over 900+ contractors across the country. It will help your business run far more efficiently and effectively, giving you more security and freedom than ever before. Why? Because it will create a complete company. You will go from an “contractor who owns a business” to a “business person who owns a contracting company.” This system can provide you and your family with more money, free time, and hope for your future!
If you’re not already registered, visit our Profit Day page on this website and view our upcoming events and dates. Pick one that fits your schedule, fill out the quick and easy registration form and save your seat! We’ll call to confirm and give you some more details! Have more questions? Call or Email us at: 1-866-344-0789 or
The fee for membership is not the same for all members. Part of the fee will depend on your trade and what you purchase. At Profit Day, your presenter will be able to narrow this number down based on your company’s current situation. You should know that SGI membership is based on a one-time initial fee and a weekly ongoing fee.
No. We are not a franchise. We are a best practice organization. We offer systems, procedures, marketing, training, and buying power. Our members are able to choose what they want to use. (In our opinion, you should use it all!) A Franchise tends to lock people into long term contracts. If you end up not liking the franchise, that’s tough for you. You must wait out the commitment. We have members who have been with us for nearly 20 years, but it is because they choose to continue to grow their business using SGI resources, not due to contractual obligation.