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What Kind of Service Are You Really Providing Your Customers? If You’re Not Using Customer Surveys, You Don’t Know!

Do you ask for feedback from every customer every time you sell or service them? If the answer is no, then you are missing out on perhaps one of the most important ways to retain and find customers. How do you know that a customer isn’t happy with your business if you don’t ask them? Sometimes people will not give their opinion freely – they need to be cajoled.
Your customer may think that their opinion isn’t important or that he or she has such a minor “issue” that it can’t possibly matter. But everything matters. You want to know what you did wrong and fix it. Or you want to know what you did right and continue to do it.
Ask for feedback on every job, either by an easy-to-use survey and a self-addressed envelope with postage already affixed on it. Tell people that they don’t need to put their names on it, unless they want to.
If the person left his/her name on the survey, reach out to them and see what you can do to make them happy—including giving their money back if necessary. You always want to stand firm with your 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
If your feedback is good, share it with your employees during meetings. If the feedback is poor, share it with your employees anyway. Just don’t include the employee’s name who may have received the poor review.
Bad surveys are great learning experiences. After all, people aren’t always going to be happy with us. Sit with your team and explain what went wrong. As a group, come together and discuss ways to ensure that the same problem never occurs again. Keep this meeting upbeat. Don’t appear agitated or angry. You want your people to learn from this—not be afraid of an angry boss.
So, if you’re not asking for feedback, it’s time to start! You might be surprised by the response you get!

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