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Wes Carver Electric in Philadelphia is Running Lean & Mean

The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

This episode features an interview with Wes Carver of Wes Carver Electric in the Philadelphia area. Wes is a great SGI member.
He’s been on the SGI Executive Advisory Board, and he’s always willing to help others. In this show, Wes talks about his story and his business. Namely, Wes shares how he did $2M in 2020 and how he’s on target to do $2.8M in 2021 currently, and both years came with great net profit margins!
Yes, Wes is running LEAN and MEAN. As you will see, Wes prices himself properly, trains his team to deliver exceptional value, closely monitors his KPIs, and sets goals and motivates his team to hit those goals. Plus, Wes talks about how he keeps himself accountable—that’s through his relationships with other SGI members, and in particular, his Pennsylvania/Maryland Profit Platoon.

You can watch the Video Podcast on YouTube or listen wherever you stream your podcasts!

Electric Company in Philadelphia

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