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Use Your Reinforcements

Do you use “cheat sheets” in your business? You know the ones — where in school someone would attach a sheet of answers to test questions to their clothing or wrote the answers on their hands – to gain an unfair advantage.
While using cheat sheets in school is certainly unfair, there is nothing that says you can’t use the same idea in your business to make things a little easier on your team. For example, there is nothing wrong with having a flip chart of commonly asked questions and their answers in front of your customer service representatives while they are on the phone. You could even have a computer screen with the appropriate script all ready to go.
There are also different versions of cheat sheets – called “reminder sheets.” These can be as small as business card size and carry valuable information that a person needs to keep reminding himself or herself of an important event or meeting. Think of it as “tying a string on your finger.”
The cheat sheets and reminder sheets have now morphed into “inspiration sheets.” Some companies put their mission statements on these cards while others list keys to success. That way your employees can carry it with them throughout the day and stay focused on what it is their mission is each day. You could even have a cheat sheet of things your technicians should do before approaching the house or a checklist of things they must do on each call.
Whatever you call it, if there is a way to make things easier for your employees to remember and execute throughout the day – do it.

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