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Turn YouTube into a Business-Building Tool

Are you ready to be a TV star? How about your technicians? What? That’s not something you’ve considered?
Okay, I’m playing around a little bit. I’m not asking you to move to Hollywood and break into the TV world. I am, however, asking you to get a little more hip with social media. Specifically, I’m talking about YouTube.
I feel like there’s no need for me to explain what YouTube is. Everyone has at least heard of it. Here’s something you might not have considered: It can really help you engage with your customers. It can truly be a business-building tool.
I guarantee sitting on your desk or stuffed away in your pocket you have a smart phone. That smart phone is capable of recording video. If your phone can capture video, you can upload it to YouTube and share it on your business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Think of all the things you could capture: Consider recording a short message to send to homeowners about how to prepare for incoming, inclement weather. Share with them the importance of regularly changing their filters. Maybe just record a real short five or ten-second video wishing everyone a great day!
Something that would be really interesting is if you recorded a short two or three-minute interview with you and each of your technicians. Ask them questions about what they do in their spare time. See what sort of hobbies they have. When you send those technicians to people’s homes, tell the homeowner to jump on YouTube or Facebook or even your company website to watch the video, so they can get to know the person coming to their home. Video like that can help build the relationship between customer and technician before the technician ever arrives to the home.
I bet you could think of all sorts of different video you could upload and share with homeowners if you brainstormed for just five or ten minutes… It’s so very easy to capture and use video to your business’ benefit these days. If you’re not taking advantage of it, it’s time to reconsider.

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