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Tips to Using Facebook to Your Advantage!

The two-word phrase that has people all a twitter is “social networking.” People are using the Internet to send quick-hit messages and share pictures with friends, family, employees, customers, etc. The beauty of social networking is that it builds relationships between people who genuinely (or out of curiosity) want to connect with other people – it is permission-based and not comprised of spam or unwanted solicitations.
Two of the most popular social networking sites (as mentioned in the first line) are Twitter and Facebook. Linkedin and Instagram are immensely popular.  There are probably 10 more social networking sites in development right now that will be hitting the public soon.
Here’s the bottom line: If you’re a business owner, you must… at the very least… have a Facebook presence.  You really should have a Twitter presence, too, but let’s not get overly complicated just yet.  Let’s talk about Facebook…
For a lot of contractors, the idea of Facebook seems silly and awkward.  There’s still some debate about how much business it can actually generate.  However, one thing social media does?  It adds validity to your business.  It makes you look more professional.
Once you start your Facebook account and see just how easy it is to use, it’s time to figure out what you should be posting.  Here’s a quick tip: It doesn’t have to be all business related.  It absolutely should not be just a way for you to advertise specials!
Here’s some things you can do with your Facebook page: Share helpful article about plumbing on your account.  Be sure to celebrate the dozens of holidays throughout the year.  Urge your technicians to take pictures of their jobs and share them.  Even better, have your technicians take “selfies” with happy customers.  (It will get those customers to go to your Facebook page and like your page!)
Whatever you post, be sure to post regularly.  Try to post something once a week at first.  Then, build on it and post more frequently.  Don’t stress about it.  Post funny or inspirational quotes.  Make a post supporting a local team.  Or just thank your customers for allowing them to serve you.  Whatever you post – always be positive!  And if people leave comments on your wall, respond to them ASAP!  Show them that you care and are thankful for their interaction.
Okay, take a deep breath.  If you’re a social networking/Facebook novice.  That’s a lot of info.  But you can get savvy.  You can use this great new medium to your advantage.  I believe in you!

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