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The Vacation Fears

Have you ever wanted to get away from your business for a little while, but you’ve been held back by something? You know you’d love to go on a vacation or go to a mentor meeting, but you just can’t break away from your business.
What’s holding you back?
Quite often, it’s the fear of letting go. You’re probably afraid to let go of your business for even a little while. Many business owners are afraid to leave their business for more than a day for the fear that something will go wrong and they won’t be there to handle it.
Do you fall into that category?
If so, listen up. Before you plan to take a temporary exodus from your business, make sure you have all of your fears “covered”. Make a list of anything you can think of that may go wrong while you’re away from the office. Then, make a list of resolutions to each of those problems. Each resolution can be as simple as delegating the task to a manager or supervisor, or for some situations you may have a whole list of actions to take.
Once you have that list completed, you can rest assured that your fears are “covered.” You’ll be free to take that vacation and get away from your business for a little while. Of course, it also helps to have systems and procedures instituted in your business so everything runs like clockwork.
Whatever it is, be active rather than reactive and put your travel fears to rest.

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