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The Secret to Finding Quality Employees

It seems like there are literally dozens of job websites today online.  It can be difficult to decide which one to use when you’re looking to hire.  Your best bet is to pick a few of the larger known ones, such as Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist, and consistently post openings every week.
Wait… Did I say post openings every week?  Yes, that’s correct.
Whether your business is currently hiring or not, you need to be recruiting new team members every single day.  Yes, every day.  Here’s why: When you need a new person the most is when it’s most difficult to find one.  Ultimately, many contractors make the mistake of hiring the first person who seems to have a heartbeat and can drive a service truck.  Well, that’s the absolute worst way to fill an opening.
You want to have a folder on your computer’s desktop or a file in a cabinet stuffed with solid resumes.  Furthermore, you should be interviewing those people with exceptional resumes at least once – yes, whether you have an opening or not.  It can be a simple telephone interview but conduct it so you can get a grasp of the person’s personality and gauge if you’d be willing to bring that person aboard if you did have an opening.
If after the interview, you think you may like the person, be upfront with him/her.  Explain that you’re not quite in a spot to hire, but you believe you will be soon.  When you are, you’d like to talk with the individual a bit more.  You’ll never go wrong when you lay out the truth.
Then, when you’re ready to add a few trucks on the road, or you had someone quit unexpectedly, or you had to make an unfortunate decision in firing someone, you can go back to that trusty folder with resumes; in particular you can reach out to the two or three people who impressed you on that first interview.  Call them and see if they’d meet you again.
The secret to having a great team?  Being proactive in your recruiting.  You’ll find that by being proactive, you’ll be far less stressed when you need to bring someone aboard your company quickly.  And you’ll have a much stronger person filling the position.

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