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The One Hour Secret to Accomplishing Your 2016 Goals

Here we are into a New Year, and in fact, more than a month has already passed us by.  How is business going?  Are you slow?  Are you keeping busy?  More importantly, how are you performing in accomplishing your overall goals for 2019?
Good business owners don’t just look at a New Year with the intention of just doing things the same way.  Good business owners should always be seeking ways to improve.  It doesn’t have to be drastic.  Even a few tweaks here or there can often lead to huge jumps in profitability.  And if you’re barely making a profit, I would suggest you have plenty that could need tweaking.
If you haven’t created a task list or list of goals you’d like to accomplish in 2019, now is as good of time as any to do so.  Do you need to increase your prices?  Implement a marketing idea you’ve had for years?  Do you need to find new technicians?  Try and come up with a list of 10 tasks or goals.
Once you have your list of 10 tasks or goals, let’s create a list of actionable steps below each.  Let’s aim for three to five steps.  These steps will explain briefly how you will go about accomplishing each goal or task.
When you have your three to five actionable steps for each of your 10 tasks or goals, it’s time to prioritize.  Group your goals into three categories:  The first should be tasks or goals that need immediate attention; the second should be tasks or goals that need to be done within six months; the last should be tasks or goals that should be addressed by the end of the year.
After all of your goals have been broken into categories, assign a deadline for you have your immediate goals accomplished.  It shouldn’t take any longer than three months.  Write those deadlines in a planner or in your Outlook calendar.
Now, the hard part: I want you to work on those immediate goals at least ONE hour each day until they’re accomplished.  Yes, just one hour.  Shut off all of the outside noise.  Your employees.  Your customers.  Home life.  Find a quiet spot and focus on what you need to accomplish.  Once the hour is up, get back to work.
I think you’ll be shocked how many of your goals you can accomplish in 2019 by spending just an hour a day on them.  Good luck!

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