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The Difference Between a Smart Contractor and a Wise Contractor: It Can Mean Millions of Dollars and Hours of Frustration Saved!

Electricians are a bright group of individuals. They’re curious. They love the technical nuances of their trade, and most are always seeking out the latest developments in the industry. They’re the type that love “talking shop.” However, there’s one thing that most electricians either struggle with or prefer not to do at all… What’s that? Talk business…
While many electricians have no trouble spending hours talking tech, if you ask them if they have time to talk with other business owners, the answers is almost always the same: I simply don’t have the time! I have too much going on! I have a business to run!
Here’s the thing: If you think you’re too busy, you need to make the time. Seek out successful business people in your community and even inside the industry—even if that means they’re in your same market! Open up and ask questions about what makes them successful. Be willing to share information with them.
There are thousands, if not millions, of business owners who speak at local trade shows, seminars, and networking meetings. They’re open books about their business. They enjoy sharing what they’re doing in hopes of helping other small businesspeople. These individuals are invaluable resources.
To become a master electrician, it takes an endless amount of hours to reach that level. Well, to be master in the art of business, it too takes a great deal of time. You need to seek out mentors and friends willing to share knowledge and insight. I guarantee you’ll hear interesting ideas…
And yes, you can learn ways to improve your business from talking with people in other businesses. While you are an electrical contractor, business is business. It’s all about being priced right, marketing yourself, selling your services, and building loyal customers. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned about the business of contracting have come from people who’ve never run a service call or even picked up a tool.
I’ll leave you with this one quote: A smart contractor learns from his mistakes. A wise, successful contractor learns from the mistakes of others…
Be a wise, successful contractor. Get out there and network with other businesspeople in your community.

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