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The Cost of Inactivity

Did you ever stop to think what it costs to be inactive? How much do those slow days with no calls actually cost you? Think about it.
There is a famous marketing cliché that “you have to spend money to make money.” But what if you spend no money by taking no action? Won’t that wind up costing you anyway?
While your competitor is going out and spending money on new business software, you decide to save money and stick with what you have. After all, you have reliable software and it has always served you well. Besides, that extra expense adds to overhead and you’d rather keep your costs down and your bottom line healthy.
Now imagine that a new business has opened up and you are competing with the company (with the new software) for this new account. This new prospect wants to study your business model and see what you are doing to keep up with technology. Too bad you decided to save some money “to the bottom line” and keep your low-tech software.
Round One goes to your competitor.
Or think about this. Your competitor decides to put in the time and investment to join a group of profit minded contractors using the best business-building systems in the industry. Pretty soon, they are running circles around you. All of the calls are going to them. The best employees are beating a path to your door, and their ads seem to pull in clients like nothing you’ve ever seen. Before you know it, your business has dwindled and your best employees have jumped ship.
That group is Success Group International and those systems do exist. Will you utilize them, or will you let one of your competitors get there first?

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