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The Best Souvenirs

What kind of souvenirs do you usually bring back from your trips to important meetings? Do you bring back something kitschy that gets tossed in the corner or in a box for years? Do you bring back some picture of yourself peeking through one of those cardboard cutouts? Well, the best souvenir is often the valuable information you went to that meeting or seminar for in the first place. Often, you’ll gain something that could save your business valuable time and money, but it’ll wind up in that same corner or box to collect dust.
Organizations, like Success Group International, pour effort, knowledge, and money into creating and offering top-notch training programs. After one of our meetings, our members return home with volumes of materials and hours of video/audio tapes.
The ones that are successful take that information and internalize it and use it. They don’t let it collect any dust. In fact, the best will use it so quickly they’ll leave the competition in the dust! However, there is always someone who takes the information or materials and puts them in that box as soon as the meeting is over and it is time to return to the real world.
Some people prefer to attend business meetings to network with friends, play golf, and enjoy social activities. That’s fine. But they tend to forget the main reason they’ve traveled there in the first place – to learn and educate – and then to take it back and implement it.
Don’t be the person who turns in an expense report, noting that you have been on an educational trip, only to spend more time socializing with friends than learning. Balance both – and brings back some good ideas, which are the best souvenirs.
If you want to attend a meeting where you’ll return home with ideas and materials that will change your business and your life, I invite you to one of our Success Group International meetings.

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