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Teach Your Plumbers How to Talk about Your Positives without Talking about the Competitors Weaknesses

I promise you right now that if you asked your plumbers what they think of your competitors, I’m sure you’ll get all sorts of interesting answers.  Sure, they’d be colorful and funny.  Yes, they wouldn’t be complementary, and they probably would be true.  However, here’s something you should also ask yourself: What do your plumbers say to your customers when they ask them about the competition?
Customers will always ask your plumbers their thoughts on this company and that.  Instead of your plumber seeing it as an opening to take a couple of fun shots, show them that this is an opportunity to praise your company.  Think of it as a way to answer the question in a politically correct manner.
For example, instead of insulting a competitor’s shoddy work, teach your techs say: “Well, I’m not sure what kind of work they do.  I do know here at Widget Plumbing we train every single week.  We want to be sure to provide the best work possible for our customers.”
Or if a company doesn’t stand behind its warrantees, teach your techs to say: “Well, I haven’t heard the best things about that company, but I can promise you this.  At Widget Plumbing, we offer 100% Satisfaction in everything we do.  If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll come back for free to make it right.”
Or if a company hires less than scrupulous employees, teach your techs to say, “Well, I know they have an interesting group of plumbers over there.  Here’s what I can say about us at Widget Plumbing.  We’re a great group of guys.  We’re all drug tested and background checked.  We train every week, so we’re up-to-date on the latest plumbing technology.  We all take great pride in what we do.”
It’s so easy to bash the competition.  Be above that.  Instead, teach your techs how to turn an easy potshot opportunity into a chance to toot your own company’s horn.  You’ll impress your customer and give them a reason to call you again.

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