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How to Survive a Business Blackout

Think about what happens when the power goes out.  There are three things that happen:

  1. People go crazy and stock up on water, candles, batteries, canned food, dry food, etc.
  2. People wait it out playing cards by candlelight and hope that the power comes back on soon.
  3. People go about their normal lives because they are prepared with a backup generator and supplies.

Now let’s translate that thinking to your business.  Instead of a power outage, though, think of a business blackout or a “seasonal slowdown.”  This event may not come as abruptly as a blackout but it often catches business owners off guard.  Many will scramble to find any work to keep their ship afloat.  Some will wait it out and sweat through paying the bills for months until the “weather turns in their favor.”
For example, if you buy a lot of materials based on pre-season economic projections and then mild weather affects your customer’s buying decisions, what do you do?  Are you prepared to break out the batteries and keep your business on life support?  Do you anticipate a business downturn and plan accordingly?
The most successful business owners don’t depend on the weather and they have the foresight to keep business rolling through what might be a business blackout to others.  How do they do it?  They have a “backup generator” called service agreements with their customer base.  When emergencies and service calls slow down, they keep their technicians busy by running scheduled roof inspections. This preparation keeps customers and employees happy, while continuing a steady workflow and smoothing over the slow times of the year. That’s not to mention the replacement opportunities you may find by acting in your client’s best interest during the tune-up.
It makes good business sense to have a service agreement program – the “backup generator” of the service and replacement business – so you’re ready to survive any business blackout.

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