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Stop Losing Key Employees! Learn What They Value the Most & Keep Them Locked to You!

Your employees face a lot of temptation.  An unfortunate fact exists in the trade: There just aren’t enough good people.  So, the good salespeople and technicians are always being lured by your competitors, the sharks.
The competition will promise the world to your top performers… just so they’ll leave you and go with them.  You may think that everything is going well in your company, and then BOOM!  You’re blindsided by one or two of your best people jumping ship.  Maybe they even consider starting their own business?  It happens all the time.
Employee loyalty has become a dinosaur, relegated to the people of the Baby Boomer age and before. It is especially true of younger Generation ‘X’ and ‘Y’ workers. Whereas their parents may have worked for the same employer their entire career, these children may switch jobs every few years when better pay or advancement opportunities are presented to them.
The best way to keep your employees lock to you is to build a strong company culture.  You not only want to pay well and offer strong benefits; you want your people to know that you care about their future, and you’re going to help them become better and achieve their goals.
That being said… A big part of building a strong company culture is communicating with your people.  You need to understand what THEY value.  Well, how do you do that?
Take a poll of your workers to find out what makes them the happiest and most productive. Don’t assume that everyone marches to the beat of the same drummer. You will find that different things inspire different people. One person may like financial rewards while another may like personal recognition. If you identify each individual need you can them come up with a program of incentives designed specifically for that person.
Every time you lose it employee it costs you in training, time, paperwork, etc. And where does that money come from? Your pocket.

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