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Simple Strategies to Maximize the Eyeballs on Your Inter Eyeballs

Eyeballs. We all have them. We all use them. And the more eyeballs that see your business name or information the better it is for you (provided that the information leaves a positive impression). If you are into Internet jargon you know that ad sellers often refer to the success of online advertising by the number of eyeballs that view the ads.
The beauty of the Internet is that even the smallest ads get a lot of exposure because of constant repetition. A small ad that appears alongside a popular web page can get thousands of clicks each day, simply because of its position and verbiage. So why is this important to you? Because your small ad, whether it is online or in the local newspaper, can maximize the number of eyeball views for a relatively small cost.
Ask your newspaper sales rep or webmaster about running a small, reasonably-priced ad double the frequency that you have been running. See if you can get the ad placed next to one of the larger and more noticeable advertisers. Also, before paying the extra money, be an honest evaluator of your ad. Would it catch your attention if it wasn’t advertising your company? If you say, “No, it wouldn’t catch my attention,” then spice it up! Put some bright colors, new graphics, or animation in the ad. Put a great offer in the ad! Do something to differentiate yourself and get people to say “I have to call that plumber.”
Now, I know this is different, and it’s going to cost some more money. But don’t be alarmed. Try it for 30 days and track the results. If there is no appreciable increase in traffic to your web page or phone calls to your business, at least you have tried something different. You can always go back to what you were doing. But chances are, the eyeball views will add more dollars to your bottom line.

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