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Roofing Lessons Learned from Office Depot: If You’re Not Following This One Strategy, You’re Losing Money!

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, especially if what is being imitated is a successful model. Take Office Depot for example, their employees go out of their way to make sure everyone who walks in the front door is greeted and assisted. The company never has to worry about a customer not being serviced.
Your customers are the very same people who go to Office Depot. Although you’re going to them, versus them to you, they still need to be greeted with a “hello” and “how can I assist you?” And of course a smile on a friendly face.
You may be in the roofing trade, but you’re also in business. Whether you’re selling reams of printer paper or shingles and gutters, basic business principles are still the same. You have a customer that you want to spend money with you. One of the best ways to get customers to spend money is for them to like you and feel comfortable with you.
Are you delivering warm customer service every time you interact with a customer? Are you providing them a complete inspection of their roof and then giving them a quote? (Or are you just dropping the bid in the mailbox?) Are your technicians taking time to talk with customers on every repair call? (Or are they quickly doing the repair and you send the homeowner a bill in the mail?)
If you’re not taking the time to say hello to your customers, ask questions, and build relationships, you’re costing yourself money. Why do you think Office Depot trains their people to say hello to every person that steps foot in their store? They know—to the percentage point—that it increases how much each customer spends with them!
Even though you’re in the roofing business, it’s okay to imitate Office Depot. Be friendly, build relationships, and enjoy making more money!

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