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A Real Lean, Mean Machine

Want to run a lean, mean, profit machine? Why not start with your own staff? A lot of companies are implementing weight-loss programs for employees that involve a spirit of competition and rewards.
Employees are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise daily in order to look better, feel better, and win a few rewards. A structured weight-loss competition involves individual and team competition with the goal(s) of losing the most weight and getting in the best shape in a specified period of time.
Not only will employees feel good about themselves and look “better” to co-workers and customers, their weight loss can contribute to a healthy lifestyle which could mean fewer medical problems.  That means fewer visits to the doctor and fewer days away from work.  That all goes to a business’ bottom line — lower health insurance premiums.
Still interested?  Put a program together so your team can start losing, and you’ll all start winning.

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