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Politely Take Advantage of Your Competitors Weaknesses!

Is it wise to expose the weaknesses of your competitor or to show off the strengths of your company?  It might be wise to choose the later.  Too often homeowners see and hear advertisements that take little “digs” at their competition.  Or they’ll hear another contractor disparage a competitor in a face-to-face conversation with a potential customer.  In reality, this is just bad business…
The game of business is not like the game of politics – it isn’t necessary to point out all of the personal and professional flaws of an opponent in order to achieve victory. Put yourself above that.  Instead, you can do something much more effective and not look petty in the eyes of potential customers…
The best way to take advantage of your competitor’s weak points is to understand them and build your case based on these weaknesses. For example…

  • If your competitor spends very little on training his or her employees, don’t point that out when pumping up your business. Use that fact to tell your customers that your company spends a lot of money on training.
  • If you know a competitor has had some problems with the quality of their craftsmanship, don’t take pleasure in their problems.  No, talk about how you offer 100% customer satisfaction, and if there’s ever an issue, you’ll do whatever it takes to fix the issue… without costing the customer another dime.
  • If you know a competitor doesn’t have the best track record of showing up on time, don’t shout it from the rooftops.  Instead, tell people that you offer short time windows—and your tech will call when he’s on his way, so you’ll be ready for him.

According to, It may take a little research – spying – to learn about your competitor’s weaknesses. But knowledge is power – and it is time to become more powerful. By the way, your competitor could be trying to do the very same thing to you. That’s okay; your business doesn’t have any weaknesses anyway, right?

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