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What Future Materials Shortages & Price Increases are Coming?

The Successful Contractor Podcast

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What Future Materials Shortages & Price Increases are Coming?

Plus, How Can a VMI Program Increase Profits & Reduce Headaches? With Ryan Fidgeon of Home Depot Pro.

Today’s show features Ryan Fidgeon, a National Account Manager, with Home Depot Pro. We don’t have to tell anyone in the contracting industry what a crazy time it is to be buying and managing materials and equipment. That’s why Ryan is on today’s show. He will share with you some insights into what materials may be going up in cost, as well as which ones are becoming harder to find. He’ll also share what you can do to plan for those issues.

That’s not all we’re going to talk about today—Ryan shares his wealth of insight into VMI programs, or Vendor Management Inventory programs, where the Home Depot Pro takes over your inventory, making your life easier and your business more profitable. If you’re looking to scale significantly, this information is for you!

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