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No novel without an outline

Imagine the greatest novelists sitting down to write their masterpieces without any type of plan – no outline, no plot line, no character descriptions. Would they turn out the masterpiece we know today, or would they get lost somewhere along the way and never make it to the end. Without that outline to start from, there’s no novel at the end.
Your life is your story, and, unfortunately, most people go through it without any type of plan or outline. They go through life living in the present, content to “get by” and “make it through another day.” They’ll get to the end, but most likely they won’t have the happy ending they were hoping for.
Business planning is often handled just as haphazard. Some business owners look at a calendar and see 30 days. Others look at a calendar and see three months. Still others see a full year. For many owners, the center of their universe revolves around what happens on a daily and weekly basis – and that’s as far ahead as they think. They spend their time putting out the fires rather than planning how to avoid the fires to begin with.
The most successful businesspeople formulate a plan for the entire year – and beyond. Many have a five-to-ten year plan. Their philosophy is “if you don’t know what direction you are going, how can you plan each step?”
Take a look at your calendar or day planner. How far out are your longest plans? If today is the first day of December, do you have any plans for March of next year? Why not? Is it because your calendar ends December 31st?
Go out and buy a new calendar – and start planning for next month, next year, and beyond. Your competitor is. Make your plan so your story ends the way you always dreamed.

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