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Newsletters Still Can Be a HUGE Marketing Tool for Your Business

What have you heard? It is a very common question when a conversation begins. People want to know what is going on.  We’re naturally curious as a species.  And we especially enjoy learning about our communities and others within our community.  That’s where you can benefit…
One of the greatest pieces of relationship marketing you should be doing is a company newsletter to all of your customers.  It doesn’t have to overly fancy.  It could even be a two-sided sheet of paper you type up.  But here’s the key: It should be personal.  AND it should NOT be sales driven!
Yes, you want to tell people how great you are as a company—I understand that.  However, that’s what guarantees your newsletter gets tossed in the mail every time.  (By the way, YES, there are perks to actual newsletters that people can hold—not everything is better digital.)
You should have a newsletter that shares local news.  Maybe it explains a charity that you’re passionate about, and it encourages readers to learn more about it.  Maybe you use it to promote other community events.  Maybe you recognize a high school team that wins the big championship.  Whatever you do, make your newsletter something people WANT to read!
By producing a newsletter that is about people’s community—and a bit about your business—you’ll find that people will actively seek out your newsletter.  They’ll enjoy reading it and look forward to receiving it.  Can you imagine how excited a grandparent would be if they saw their grandchild being recognized in your newsletter for winning the local elementary school’s spelling bee?  They would be thrilled.  And that’s the key…
When you use your newsletter as a community mouthpiece, and it becomes something people enjoy, it means they will naturally develop strong, positive, even passionate feelings about your business.  Not only will you enjoy more business from past clients, you’ll find that they’ll refer you more often to friends.
Newsletters may seem old fashioned, but they can be a huge tool in your marketing mix.  And please, I say it again—remember no one wants to learn about a new widget or new technical device.  Make your newsletter about your clients and your community!  Then, watch the calls come in!

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