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Chasing Less Revenue While Enjoying 22% Net Profits, Leads to a Happier Team, Happier Clients, and Happier Life

The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

22% Net Profit! How Kelly Good of Good’s Roofing in Burton, MI, Has a Happier Team, Happier Clients, and Happier Life by Targeting the Right Customers!

Today’s show features Kelly Good of Good’s Roofing in Burton, Michigan.  Kelly is a great, hardworking guy, who’s been a great SGI member for many years.  He’s also proof that less is more!

As you will hear, for a long time, Kelly and his wife Michelle would chase topline revenue dollars.  They’d hire more people, sell more jobs, and ultimately, they were generating close to $5 million in revenue a few years ago… But it wasn’t what they wanted out of their business.

Fast forward to 2020.  Good’s Roofing did $1.8 Million, but it was at 22% net profit!  And in 2021, Kelly expects the same net profit once again.  Here’s the best part: Kelly said he has more control over his business than ever before. Good’s Roofing is highly selective about the clients they take.  That means they have customers who pay their prices and are happy. Their technicians are making great money and have great work/life balance. And Kelly has more free time to work on the business proactively; coach his youngest son; and soon he’ll be working on a cabin on a new piece of land Michelle and he acquired.

Kelly and Michelle are a great lesson that you can have a sensational life in the trades, and it doesn’t always mean chasing top-dollar numbers.  It’s the bottom ones that matter.

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