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Is Your Mind Opened Or Closed?

When is the obvious too obvious? When does a surefire profit tip seem too good to be true?
If you find yourself asking these types of questions, you may be suffering from a business pessimist mindset. People that fall under this category have the distinct feeling that if something is too obvious or is too good to be true, then it must not work.
Is this your attitude?
This type of attitude can be a success destroyer, so you may want to consider a little attitude adjustment.
No one person has ever proven to be a “know it all”. The ones who usually claim to be are the ones that have closed their minds to other possibilities. They’ve closed their minds to the ideas and suggestions of others because they feel like their way of doing things is the best.
These are the same people that shy away from networking with others and learning from their peers. It’s a shame because we’re all in the industry together and it makes sense to learn from one another. There are many organizations that bring successful contractors together to share a wealth of knowledge.
The organizations that make up Success Group International are a great example. These groups are bringing cutting-edge systems and ideas to the contractors with minds that are open to receive them. These contractors are going on to make killer profits while their competition, often the close-minded pessimist type, are left to work around the clock with little to show for it.
So, in the long run, smart business owners like you who are willing to learn from others can thank these “know-it-alls” and their closed minds for your success because those closed-minded business owners are often your competitors…think about that.
If you consider yourself an open-minded business owner, I urge you to explore your opportunity with Success Group International.

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