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Manage Your Time More Effectively & Stop Wasting Your Time with Paperwork!

Business owners decry the overabundance of paperwork they must complete in order to make even the simplest of sales. Permits, insurance, licensing, etc. You have to deal with it on a constant basis, and it’s not very much fun… No, worse than that… That excess of paperwork can cause a lot of discouragement by taking your time away from more productive activities.
Should you as the boss or manager be required to fill out all of the appropriate paperwork for each individual job your company performs? If you answer yes you probably are losing time and money unnecessarily. Why would the most important member of the team (you) spend endless hours waiting in a lobby or in a line while customers need your attention?
Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be willing and able to step in and do something to show you’re a part of your team.  You never want your people feeling like you hold yourself above them.  That almost certainly will cause a rift in your operation that you’ll feel eventually.
But instead of doing a lot of this “dirty work” on a permanent basis, these tasks would be great for someone who is assigned to handle them.  Yes, hire someone to manage that paperwork!  There are people out there looking for jobs that are great at heavy, detail-type work.  (And no, don’t be tempted to make paperwork such as this as a “rotating” responsibility… You’ll just anger other key employees.)
If you hire someone to handle the permits, insurance, licensing, and more, that person can become an expert at those issues.  A person who is talented in terms of mastering paperwork is a great asset to have in your company.  Even better, by that person taking over those tasks, you’re freed up to use your time on other activities that can generate the company money!
Stop doing the ‘dirty’ work and assign it to someone else. And don’t make it a ‘rotating’ responsibility. Give the job to someone who can learn it inside and out and come up with his or her own methods of getting the job done quicker and more efficiently.
Give yourself more time to make money.

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