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Let Them Know You’re There…

Isn’t technology wonderful? You can reach out and touch anyone, anywhere on the globe in an instant. You are never more than the push of a button away from your employees, customers, and suppliers. And they know that you are only the push of a button away from them, too.
Or are you?
When you go out of town on business or take a vacation, do you shut everyone out and focus all of your attention on the world in front of you — and not the one you have temporarily left behind?  Sometimes you have to, especially if you are taking a hard-earned and well-deserved vacation.
But what if something happens in your business that requires only your immediate attention – no one else’s?  Do people get a voicemail or e-mail message stating, “I am away from the office until next week? If you need immediate assistance, contact…”
That probably turns off or frustrates customers or co-workers.  Good relationships can be damaged – your good relationships.
So what do you do short of ruining your hard-earned vacation?
Try taking the vacation message off your voicemail or e-mail — or modify it.  Make the person who is trying to contact you believe that you are available – and then sort it out later.  If it’s an emergency, return the message.  If it can wait until you get back in the office, fine.
Make yourself accessible.

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