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Just a Little Respect

How many times do you hear the tired clichés like, “Thank God it’s Friday” or “I Hate Mondays.” Do you think it is because people just don’t like their work environment or do you think they like to sound like the rest of the flock – content to be discontent? What a lousy way to go through life!
Perhaps the only way people know how to communicate is through small talk and cliché-ridden conversation. That’s too bad. The ones that break the monotonous mold are the true achievers – satisfied workers like yours, right?
How do you make the workday manageable and “pleasant” for your employees? Do they look forward to coming to work each day, knowing that what they do “matters” to you and the company? They should. They need to feel appreciated for what they do and to know that they make a difference.
And that’s your job. Too many times the good work of employees is overlooked in the rush to meet deadlines and satisfy finicky customers. The most valuable resource you have is your employees – don’t overlook them.
You might be surprised to learn that many employees list “respect” as the most important criteria for staying with their employers – not money, benefits or advancement possibilities. So give your employees what they really want.
Respect your employees, and they’ll give you the same good effort whether it’s Monday or Friday each week.

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