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Is it worth the risk?

Has anyone ever asked you if the “reward is worth the risk?” You probably know what that means – taking chances.
The same thing can be said about your business philosophy. Do you plan and forecast using the same old, tired criteria that you have always used?  Or do you mix in some new ingredients to “stir the pot?”
If your business model has been successful, it is less likely that you will make any drastic changes.  But be careful not to get too comfortable. At any moment your competition may decide to make their own “bold moves” and create a buzz – diverting business from you and leaving you second-guessing.
It’s good to have a plan “A” – it’s even better to have a plan “B.” Go with what you know best and continue with your winning formula. But have a backup plan that includes a little “risk” – it may result in a nice reward.

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