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If You’re Not Doing this ONE Thing with Your Advertising, You Could be Throwing Away Thousands of Dollars

If you’re reading this, you’re likely the owner of a plumbing company. And if you’re the owner of a company, I can only guess that you’re marketing. (If you’re not, that’s a whole other post…) If you’re marketing, what are you doing to track each of your campaigns and tactics? What’s that? You’re not tracking? Oh, goodness…
Here’s the one secret to marketing: Your money is only truly well spent on marketing when you track, track, and track some more. What good is a marketing plan if you don’t know how successful it is? Worse yet, it may be very unsuccessful and you could still be pumping money into it. For example, you wouldn’t continue to spend money on cable television if you never got a signal. You wouldn’t continue to pay your power bill if you didn’t have electricity. So, why continue to sign up for advertising that doesn’t do anything but waste your money? The answer: You shouldn’t.
Some businesses that advertise use a separate telephone number to respond to an ad, others ask respondents to give a keyword, phrase, or number when responding to an ad. For example, a business may run the same ad in a newspaper as it does in a magazine but a different tracking number can be assigned to each ad. If the business get 100 replies from the newspaper ad and 50 from the magazine ad, it knows that newspaper readers are the best audience and provide the greatest return on the ad investment.
There are all kinds of marketing tools which include tracking reports for online businesses, too. Today you can learn who is visiting your website, where they are located, how much time they are spending on your website, which pages they are viewing, etc. The point is, tracking information is out there for any business to use and become more efficient and profitable. Are you looking everywhere to track your results? Why not?

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