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HVAC Leads: Getting noticed by multiple angles

Leads are businesses or individuals who show interest in a company’s products or services. For small business owners, the traditional methods of lead generation are extremely popular; these methods include word of mouth referrals, direct mail marketing, printed advertisements, and telemarketing. Even though these methods have a strong impact, many business owners do not make use of the digital methods of getting business leads. By not engaging in these different techniques, many small businesses limit their market reach and cap their ability to grow. In today’s modern age, having a well-designed website, utilizing social media, running email marketing, or Search Engine Optimization can be the deciding factor as to whether a business has 10 loyal customers or 1,000 loyal customers.

The Advantages of Having an Online Presence

Being Accessible to your customers
Today, if a person needs a service or product, the first step in making their consumer choice is to do online research. Searching keywords on Google will bring up a ranked list of relevant businesses. Being one of the first few results that a customer sees will increase the likelihood that they will visit a business’ website. On average, customers don’t spend long amounts of time researching online. The purpose of online research is to compare a short list of businesses for the best reviews, prices, and availability. If a business can simplify the search and booking process, then the chance of an HVAC lead becoming a new customer increases by 34%.

Building Relationships and Trust
Having a Google listing, a website, and a presence on social media can give businesses a direct line to their customers. Replying to reviews and comments allows HVAC businesses to have an extra touch point with all customers. They can feel comfortable that their questions, concerns, and needs are always heard and addressed. In addition having a large number of positive reviews can help researching HVAC leads  feel confident that the HVAC services provided are exceptional in quality and consistent.

Greater Audience Reach
Websites and social media are always available to the public, meaning that HVAC leads can still view and interact with online resources outside of business hours. Rather than be limited to a small pool of local customers, having an online presence can widen the scope of who might be interested in HVAC services. Through social media marketing tools, and other Search Engine Optimization practices, HVAC companies can attract leads from 50-100 miles out.

Ways to Market Online

People spend most of their time researching through google on their mobile phones. If a website is not mobile enabled, it can create frustration and cause a potential customer to leave the website without reaching out or contacting the business. Creating a website which is easy to view, mobile friendly, and up to date is extremely important. The website must reflect your brand and values because this acts as the virtual storefront for your HVAC business.

Social Media
With the many different social media platforms available, it is important that business owners choose the most relevant network. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, NextDoor, LinkedIn are the most common sites that contractor businesses utilize. All social media pages for your business should show the same branding and overall messages as the business website. It is also important to have content which will engage your audience such as new articles about HVAC units, success stories, community outreach efforts.
Google my business
Google maps has become one of the major mapping tools for android users and online consumers. It is imperative that when an HVAC lead searches for your business it will automatically show up. Google will show all relevant information for your business in the results such as: average review rating, business hours, website link, business phone number, address.

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