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How to Get Your Customers to Spend Money with You Every Single Month!

Our last blog stimulated some response from our readers.  I talked about some things roofing contractors in northern markets can do to reduce the difficulty of the winter months.  One of the things I proposed was offering a free gutter cleaning service to customers.  Some people liked the idea.
Well, I have a secret folks: Gutter cleaning is a part of our Overhead Care Club program that we’ve trademarked at Roofers Success International.  But I’m happy to share it with you.  In fact, let me share some more….
Our Overhead Care Club is a club membership program that has helped our clients keep homeowners locked to their companies.  These people aren’t calling another contractor.  Here’s why: They’re paying our roofing clients a monthly, small fee to be their “personal roofer.”
Here’s what the homeowners get for this service:

  • Free annual inspections. One of our client’s technicians will evaluate the customer’s roof every year.  This gives the customer peace of mind the roof is sound… It also creates an incredible amount of repair business.
  • Emergency Service. If a customer has a problem, our RSI members promise to respond to their Overhead Care Club members first.
  • Enhanced Warranties. Members get better warranties.
  • Free Skylight Cleanings. Who doesn’t want cleaner skylights?
  • Discount on Service. Our members give homeowners a percentage off any future repairs.
  • Free Gutter Cleaning. Our members will blow the gutters clean at least once a year.  That’s a service that gets homeowners to sign up alone.

There are other aspects to the Overhead Care Club.  Our RSI members have chosen to add different benefits themselves.  But here’s the benefit to them: By having a club program, they’re collecting a monthly fee from homeowners who otherwise wouldn’t be spending money with them.  AND they’re interacting with customers every single year… at least once… if not more than that.  The more you see someone, the more likely you will continue to do business with them.
Consider a club membership in your company.  Or give us a call and we can share with you more details about our club.

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