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How to Find Quality, Motivated Technicians to Add to Your Team

The greatest challenge contractors face these days seems to be finding quality technicians to put to work.  You have all the work you can get, but you can never have enough boots on the ground.  If you’re looking for people to add to your team, what are you doing about it?
When you’re in a need for techs you have two options: action or inaction.  When you choose to complain about your situation rather than do anything about it, we call it “turtle-ing.”  Being the turtle versus the hare may be good in the fairy tale, but in real life, it’s not what you want to be.
Turtle-ing is ducking your head and hiding in your protective shell, rather than being in front and being proactive.  You realize you have an issue, but you choose not to do anything about it.  You stay busy with other tasks and ignore the major issue.
Now, don’t take that criticism personally.  Every single person “turtles” in some way or another. But the key to improving is understanding that we “turtle” and doing what’s necessary to stop doing it.
One way to avoid “turtle-ing” as it related to your lack of technicians problem is to go out in the market and spread your name around.  Contact all of the technical schools in your town and explain to them that you’re looking to hire motivated, young, eager techs.  Inexperienced techs are the best techs – they have some skill and they’re un-impacted by years of “doing things a certain way.”  You can mold new techs to be precisely who you want them to be!
These technical schools may also host career and job fairs.  In fact, look for job fairs throughout your community.  Make it a point to go to as many as possible.  Be open to hiring someone with NO technical experience; instead, hire a go-getter who’s willing to learn and make a career out of the trades.  Start them as an apprentice and watch him/her develop with your company.  Some of the largest and most successful members in Plumbers’ Success International “home grow” their technicians.
Whatever you do, always be on the lookout for good people who you may be able to add to your team.  Even if you’re not hiring right now, you should always be looing and collecting resumes.  That’s doing the right thing—and not “turtle-ing.”

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