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How do they see you?

How do your employees see you? Do they enjoy coming to work every day? Do they enjoy the duties of their positions? Do they enjoy interacting with customers and other employees? Do they enjoy working for you?
Hopefully the answer to all of these questions is YES. And if all of the answers are yes, your employees should let the world know about it. Here’s how.
Several magazines and periodicals in every industry conduct annual contests seeking “the best contractor” or the “best contractor to work for.” The winners are all businesspeople who have been nominated by their employees because the employees truly enjoy their work experience.
The point is: encourage your employees to seek out this type of public recognition that you deserve. Find the news organizations that sponsor these contests and leave subtle hints around the office, i.e. magazine turned to contest story, entry blanks in the lunchroom, etc. If you end up winning, the rewards will be numerous and your employees will probably tell their friends in the business too – which means some of the superstars may just apply to work for the best of the best.
Blow your own horn when you can – let your employees blow it when you can’t.

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