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Help Homeowners Choose You As Their Roofer: Offer Financing Options!

It’s no secret that the cost of ‘existence’ is going up – not merely the cost of living. People today often cannot make ends meet because of the higher prices for fuel and food and the devaluation of their own assets. Money is tight.
Some of your best customers are feeling the pinch during this economy that’s still slowly recovering. They have stretched their credit to its limit and have little disposable income to spend on home and building improvements. The conventional opportunities to borrow and finance home improvement projects are fewer and farther between. This could be your opportunity to help out.
How can you help? You may be able to arrange for financing for your customers based on your own good business credit and the relationship you enjoy with your bankers. If you are confident that your best customers are a good risk, then use your own good business financial record to help them.
If you’d still prefer to have third party financing, take some time to research all of the options that are available to your consumers. Become their link to securing financing to buy your products and services.
Even customers who aren’t struggling to get by may be interested any potential financing options. After all, cutting a huge check for large investment like a new roof isn’t something many people want to do. They’d rather keep their money in stocks and/or bonds, so their current money makes even more money. By having a small payment at reasonable interest rate, it would be far more appealing to your customers who are wise investors.
By offering financing options, you differentiate yourself from the competition! Not everyone cares enough to put in the effort to wrangle together financing options. If you do, you show your customers you’re truly interesting in securing their business. And you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to help them choose you.

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