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“Going Green” Means More “Green” in Your Pockets!

The “Green Movement” has caught on everywhere. In a nutshell, green is a way to describe environmentally friendly products. These likely include products that you sell or service – or both. The push is on to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving the quality of life.
Are you part of this movement? You should be. There are two ways to take an active role in this movement and both have profitable overtones to them.
First, you can research the products from your trade that have the greatest impact on green technology. If you don’t already sell or service these products, take time to understand their benefits and how you can tie your business directly into them. If you want some help trying to identify all of the green products available, talk with your local distributors and suppliers. If they think you’ll sell more product, they’ll be more than willing to help you!
That leads to the second point: There’s more to just offering environmentally-friendly products; you also have to educate your customers about them! Think about how little your customers know about the core products and services in your business! The answer is: They don’t know much! You have to be the teacher!
Show your customers how these new environmentally-friendly products and/or services help the ecology, but also remember to show how it benefits them! While some people are very committed to the environment, most people will only invest in these types of products and/or services if it benefits them, as well… namely financially. Thankfully, many energy- and water-efficient products and/or services do save homeowners money! Be sure to point that out!
Lastly, if you’re going to sell new, green products and/or services, you’ll need to train your technicians on how to sell them. And as importantly, it would be smart to include a spiff or bonus on each product and/or service they sell! Remember—it should benefit them too, if they’re going to hop on board.
In the end, going green is good for homeowners, Mother Nature, and for business! Be sure to hop on the trend… because it’s here to stay!

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