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Gain More Respect from Your Employees & Become a Better Leader

Leading by example is very wise. It is also very wise for business owners to adopt this same philosophy in the workplace, too. Leading by example shows employees that the boss is willing to do exactly what he expects his or her employees to do.
For example, companies that require drug testing for new hires – and random drug testing for current staffers – should have a policy in place where the owner or manager of the company should also be required to drug test as well. If employees are required to do it in order to keep their jobs and show their commitment to clean living, the boss needs to demonstrate that same commitment.
Do you ask employees to do things that you would normally not do? Not things that require a special skill, but things that are common in everyday business life, such as answering the telephone in an emergency or using a company vehicle to pick up or deliver an employee a piece of equipment?  If so, it might be time to reconsider.
If your people see you answering the phone or delivering a part, they’ll quickly understand that you don’t hold yourself any higher than them.  You consider yourself a part of the team, just as they are.  You’re willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure everyone is successful.  You’ll gain more respect from your employee, and in doing so, you’ll build a stronger company culture.
Get a pen and paper.  Take 5 minutes to clear your mind – take a few deep breathes.  And then be honest with yourself: Write down a list of ways you could better lead by example.  This exercise isn’t meant to make you feel like a bad leader – not at all.  But even the best leaders should evaluate themselves and strive to improve.
Once you have your list, read it every day after coming into the office.  Make an effort every day to be a better leader by example.  You’ll be amazed at how it captures the attention and respect of everyone on your team!

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