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Everybody Loves Football – How to Make the “Next Big Game” Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Everybody likes football, right? Okay, almost everybody. People plan social events around football games at all levels, from Pee Wee leagues to the National Football League. Tailgate parties are now an ingrained part of Americana. So is the Super Bowl, which has generated a whole cottage industry of tailgate parties – either in the home or at the venue.
What does this have to do with your business? Could be a lot. You might want to consider throwing your own football tailgate party. Crazy? No. Why not set up a party for an upcoming college or professional football game right in your own backyard?  Invite all of your customers.  Invite your entire community.  Provide food and drinks.  Make this a fun event.
Once people are there, invite them into your office.  Show them your professional operation and how well stocked your trucks are.  Tell each person you appreciate them spending time there and hope they enjoy themselves.
Even better, rent a space or lot near the big game.  Set up massive pop-up tents, TV, a sound system.  Have catered food and drinks.  Have your wrapped box trucks on the scene.  Spend time glad handing and talking to people.  It’s a great way to “sponsor” the event without actually spending that kind of money.
Why go through the effort?  You will find that some of the best money spent on marketing is on community oriented marketing events.  People don’t feel like they’re being sold, yet they know why you’re throwing the party.  And they appreciate that you too have a passion for a mutual community team or organization.
Yes, you’ll be out some money for the food and drinks.  Yes, you’ll be out some money if you pay to rent a lot.  But think of the good will it will create?  You should absolutely be handing out business cards with coupons on a side.  You’ll be shocked how much business it will create.
Sometimes the best marketing isn’t a fancy ad campaign that requires 10’s of thousands of dollars.  Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside of the box, some time, and a desire to be different.
Best of luck to you in your community marketing efforts!

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