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Driving Customer Experience: Connecting Data to Strategy

In today’s highly competitive service industry, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing organizations are focusing on the importance of customer experience to help drive revenue. Organizations have changed their customer experience priorities in recent years and are realizing how crucial it is to customer retention as well as winning new business.
Although providing customers a great experience has always been important to service fleets, why has it overtaken price and product as the key differentiation? The importance is largely weighed on the new age of consumers that have more options and overall convenience than ever before. Experience is now how customers choose between service providers, so finding ways to go above and beyond expectations wins more business.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Technology

For service fleets, one way of achieving this next level of customer experience is taking a step beyond tactical workflows to focus on higher-level strategy with technology GPS tracking software, which at one time was used primarily as a tactical solution, is becoming the driving force in fleet management to achieve strategic goals by connecting data to strategy.
Using GPS tracking technology beyond dots on a map allows service organizations to tackle larger initiatives, like customer experience.

3 Tips to help Enhance Customer Experience with GPS Tracking Software

  1. Closing the ETA Window: Don’t leave your customer guessing when your driver will arrive. Improve dispatch by gaining visibility over locations and give your customer precise ETAs. If a driver is running behind, call your customer and let them know. It shows you value and respect their time and they will appreciate that.
  2. Serve More Customers: Dispatching the nearest vehicle to the job site with the right equipment on board increases the number of customer you can serve each day. Faster service results in happy customers. You will also create loyalty with quick response during a customer emergency.
  3. Streamline Customer Billing: Accurate billing is important to your company’s reputation and cash flow. GPS locations will allow you to track job completion and assure your customers that employees and equipment were onsite when they were scheduled.

What’s also important to consider about incorporating a customer-experience strategy with GPS tracking software is partnering with a provider that can align their technology with this approach. Some vehicle-tracking providers still offer mostly tactical functionality, like breadcrumb trails, because that’s what some organizations need. If taking a strategic approach is part of your organization’s plan, choose a partner that provides the right functionality and customer service to help you meet your customer-experience goals.
SGI Partner Network had two great options when it comes to taking advantage of GPS tracking technology, including GPS Insight and Rhino Fleet Tracking. If your business is needing dispatch help, Learning Alliance has courses to help. Check out The Hub to get more details. Not a member yet? Contact us to figure out how you can get access to these business building tools on The Hub as well as an all-access pass to training with Learning Alliance!

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