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Don’t Take It For Granted

You know what happens when you assume something, right? (If you don’t, ask a friend!)
So, why is it that business owners always assume that their clients are satisfied and happy with their service?
How many clients does your team service in a day? How many of those do you follow up with to make certain that they are satisfied with your service and how many of those do you assume are satisfied?
You know the old adage – a happy customer will tell 1 friend and an unhappy customer will tell 20.
With that statistic in mind, don’t fall into the complacency that many business owners do where you assume that your customers are satisfied. Wealth Trappers never assume anything.
Follow up with each client and ensure that they are not only satisfied with your service but that they are happy with your service. If you aren’t getting those responses, think about what you can do to go above and beyond to exceed your clients’ expectations.
Make sure that each of your clients, regardless of whether they invested $100 or $10,000 with your company, is happy and will refer others to you. It’s the growth of word-of-mouth advertising that will truly drive you to success.
To avoid the assumption pitfall, have your call-taker follow up with each client immediately after your technician leaves their home. That way, you’ll get an accurate picture of how their service experience was since it will be fresh in their mind, and if there is a problem, your technician can quickly solve the problem.
Don’t ignore the obvious and take your clients for granted. Never assume that you’ll be successful. Always work to ensure you’ll be successful. That starts by ensuring your clients are happy.

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