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Don’t Put Your Message in a Bottle

Ever wonder what it would be like to receive a message in a bottle? Better yet, ever wonder what a thrill it would be to receive a reply to a message that you sent in a bottle?
What do you think the chances are of actually getting a return message in the same bottle that you sent it in? A million to one? A billion to one? Calculating the likelihood of that would take more than a lifetime to figure out, what with weather, ocean currents, geography, etc.
In other words, don’t bother waiting for an answer to your message.
But in a sense, there are business owners who send messages out in bottles every day – in a literal sense – expecting to receive answers. It’s a shame that they think this is marketing their company. If they think it’ll work, their thought process is as narrow as the neck of that bottle with their message. They don’t know who to send the message to or how to do it.
You can have the greatest message in the world, but if you hide it in a bottle and set it adrift, what good is it?
That’s why it’s important to know the best way to get your message out. The best way is to network with other professionals in your trade to learn how they send messages and get responses. Take time to listen to effective and winning ideas from your peers – ideas on how to get your message across to the targeted market you are looking for.
Join an organization like the ones we have at Success Group International and you can tap into the most advanced techniques that business owners like you are using to build strong companies, create wealth and get results. Pick up the phone, and recycle that bottle you were ready to toss into the ocean.

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