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Do you find it hard to tear yourself away from the rigors of your business to attend training or business seminars? Many small business owners can’t envision closing up shop for a couple of days or turning their business over to someone else for a few days while they attend an important industry-related meeting.
That’s understandable – it’s not easy to walk away from “your baby” because business situations can change at any time and then what happens? If an emergency arises, you need to be there, right?
Thanks to technology, you can be there no matter where you are in the country. You can stay in touch 24/7, either by phone, e-mail, and smart phone. There is no place for you to hide, so why not go? Technology has made it so easy for you to stay in touch that you don’t have to stress about leaving “your baby” in someone else’s hands.
If you’re worried that you’ll miss an important event in your business, think about the important event or training you may be missing that might not happen again.
For example, we hold Profit Day meetings throughout the United States, and business owners like you are constantly turning down my invitations because they “can’t get away.” I’m telling you, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity that may pass you by forever.
That one session you miss could be worth more to you – dollar wise – than the decision to pay a few cents more to get replacement parts to a jobsite on time.
Let a trusted associate take the reigns of your business for a couple of days – and get out of town. If they need you, they’ll find you.
Don’t miss another opportunity because you were afraid to leave.

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