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What turns your customer on? Probably a good product at a great price. Or maybe a good product backed by great service. Or maybe just the opportunity to visit with you on a regular basis. (Okay, the last point may be a stretch.) But do you really know why a customer does business with you or do you think you know why? There is a big difference.
The easiest thing to do is ask your customer. Do it on a regular basis. Send out a direct mail piece or better yet, e-mail your customer list (you do have your customer’s e-mail addresses don’t you?) and ask why they have done business with you in the past year.
Don’t assume people do business with you because of your great service or prices; it may be something you haven’t thought of. And don’t steer them into any reply by offering multiple-choice answers. Let them do the talking in their own words, not yours.
Afraid you won’t get a response?  There’s a simple fix.  Explain that everyone who replies will get a $5 gift card to a local coffee or sandwich shop.  So what if 100 people write you back?  For $500, it’s well worth knowing what people really think about YOUR BUSINESS!
Hopefully, you’ll get positive responses!  However, that’s not always the case.  If you find that people are using this exercise as a way to complain, then you’ll know that you have some changes to make.  Thank each of those people for shining light on the situation, and offer to do whatever is necessary to make each of them happy.
You should conduct a survey of your customers every single year.  It will give you true insight into how your customers feel about you, your people, and your services.  And it will give you an opportunity to better serve those customers in the near future.

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