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Differentiate Your Company by Doing Little & Unusual Things for Customers

Gas stations do it. The hotel front desk does it. You can do it, too.

Customers want to be kept informed, not only about your products and services but also of the world around them. Many gas stations now have television screens on their gas pumps where customers can view news events while pumping gas. Hotel front desks often have fact sheets about the local weather and area events that would interest casual and business travelers. Some hotels even have concierges who will organize an activity for you—at no charge.

Why not bring along area maps or special event information on each sales call or service appointment? You can create your own special two-page sheet on your computer and include it as a special service each time you interact with a customer. A “newsy” piece of literature has a much longer shelf life than one with boring product information and endless descriptions of features and benefits…
Once you have your sheet, here’s what your technicians should say to homeowners: “Here you go, Mrs. Jones. At Widget Plumbing, we consider ourselves a part of the community. We’re trying to support local organizations, events, and charities. Here’s a little informational sheet we’re giving to our customers because we know many of our customers believe in supporting local groups, too. It’s just something we thought would be fun to do while being informational for you!”

Don’t like that idea? How about bring a batch of homemade cookies with you to every service call? Your plumbers are to give them to the homeowners upon entering their home. Think that will catch their attention? Who doesn’t love a homemade chocolate chip cookie?

Don’t like that idea? How about handling the homeowner a small, inexpensive cluster of flowers. You can get them for virtually nothing at all the big box stores. I don’t care if you’re a woman or a man, everyone appreciates flowers in a living room.

Don’t like that idea? Feel free to come up with your own! It doesn’t have to be expensive… it just has be something nice. It has to leave an impression. Become the business that does something a little different to keep customers and clients interested in you. The payoffs are huge.

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