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Current Entertainment Trends May Create Unique Advertising Opportunities for Your Company

Latching on to some popular trends is always a good marketing idea. Take the popular “Dancing with the Stars” television competition. People (your customers) can’t get enough of the highly entertaining venue. Maybe your business can capitalize on its popularity.

The Absurd Can Leave a Lasting [GREAT] Impression

You can do that by turning a normally inanimate object, i.e. a water heater, into live “dancing partners.” Sound absurd? You bet. But a lasting impression on consumers? Definitely. Can you imagine the grins and raised eyebrows from prospective customers when they see your products dancing across their television screens or in newspaper ads? Sometimes you need to do something a little different in order to evoke the hoped-for response.
And it doesn’t have to be dancing equipment. You can also dress up a field technician and ask them to sing a few bars at the door of a customer, ala an “American Idol” audition.
The idea is to latch on to a recognizable and positive media event and use it to promote your business. People can’t get enough of these types of programs because they are entertaining. So be an entertainer and pick a positive experience to emulate in your advertising.
You can then play off the fact that “we may not dance well/sing well, but we sure do offer expert plumbing service—and we do it quickly and inexpensively!” People will get a laugh from your ads/spots, and they will have crafted a good mental impression of your company.
Maybe you don’t have the budget to have something quite like that created… If not, at least take this one important note to heart: Whatever you do in your advertising, stand apart from the rest! Don’t be like every company that says you’ve been in business for 30 years. While a homeowner may appreciate that, she will never remember your company name when she needs you for help. Instead, she’ll think of the plumbing company with the catchy little jingle or the funny TV spots.
Remember in marketing, differentiation is the key! If you can play off current trends, that’s even better!

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