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Create a Winning Culture in Your Company that Will Propel You to Record Breaking Year after Record Breaking Year!

I’m a big sports fan. Inevitably during every major playoff—and it doesn’t matter what the sport—you’ll hear the announcers claiming it’s somebody’s “coming out” party. And inherently, we all know what that means. A young player is doing very, very well on the national stage, and while nobody but his team’s fans knew who he was, now everybody knows his name and abilities.
I have a question for you: Has your business had a “coming out” party? If so, have you celebrated it with your employees (also known as your teammates)? Here’s where I’m going with this… When a young athlete is doing well, you’ll see his teammates swarm him, pat him on the back, give him high-fives and fist pounds. Why don’t we do this with our own employees when they do well? Why don’t we celebrate the business’ successes when we hit a major goal or landmark?
Nowadays everybody in the business world wants to talk about “culture.” Culture is that warm and fuzzy feeling you get the instant you walk into a great company. People seem to ooze this positivity. Well, if you’re looking to build a great culture in your business, where do you think it comes from? It doesn’t just happen…
Successful business cultures come from celebrating successes publically. It’s drawing attention and issuing public praise for employees when they do a great job. And not just by sending an email to everyone. Great companies have monthly meetings where they ask superstar employees to stand up in front of everyone, and they sing that person’s praises.
You should be doing the same thing when your company hits a big goal. Don’t keep it to yourself. Have a big company meeting, and tell everyone the massive goal the business hit. Then congratulate your people for being the reason why that goal was hit.
In sports, the successful teams always have a certain type of camaraderie. They all like each other, and as a result, they play harder—because they’re playing for each other. Business works the same way. If you celebrate successes and praise your people from the rooftops, you’ll notice a camaraderie developing. You’ll get a sense of something special around your company. And you’ll notice that hitting that next goal and the next goal gets easier and easier. Because company cultures are very real. And they very much can make a difference.

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