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Conquering Your Inbox

Do you know that Microsoft gazillionaire Bill Gates receives four million e-mails a day?  Not a year – a day.  Try answering all of them.  It would take a lifetime to answer the e-mails he gets in one day.  (I wonder how many are SPAM.)
You probably get a few too many, too.  There are days that you may feel like you’re getting four million e-mails, but in reality, they probably equate to a dozen or two.  However, that number probably escalates to several dozens once you start ignoring them.   If your spam blocker or virus protection firewalls haven’t stopped the daily invasion of e-mails, you probably have turned to your own method – the Delete button.
Before you “delete” them, remember this:  there may be some gold in those e-mails.  Set aside time every day to review your messages.  This is only a review process – no need to reply to any of them.  But there may be one or two e-mails which contain valuable business information under a mislabeled subject line.  It does happen.
The one e-mail that is neglected could be the one that the next business owner decides to act upon – leaving you in the “delete profit” folder.

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