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Clover Leafing Neighborhoods is Still a Highly Effective Marketing Tool, Especially When Your Phone is DEAD

“Quick hit” energy-savings tips are great any time of the year. With the growing concern for saving natural resources and saving energy costs, many people welcome tips from experts like you.
Use this as a strategy: Pick out a neighborhood close to your business. Create an informational door hanger that you can distribute to each home in the neighborhood. Pay a local youth group to distribute the door hangers or make a donation to their group as payment.
The text should be all about energy-savings and include tips to make the world “a little bit greener.” And add a discount coupon for your product and services, too. Having kids help you to tell a good story is a two-pronged way to adding more business customers right in your own backyard.
Door hanging should absolutely be a part of your marketing mix anyway.  Your electricians should be putting a door hanger on every neighboring home when running service.  Clover-leafing a neighborhood shouldn’t take much more than 5 to 10 minutes.  It should especially be done if you don’t have any business for the day…
In fact, some of our biggest clients within the Success Group International family have built $50-60M business by clover leafing.  Not just clover leafing, they ask their electricians/technicians to knock on the doors, introduce themselves, and hand a business card.  That’s it.  No pushy sales tactics.
Just have them say, “Hello, Mrs. Homeowner.  My name is Roy from Widget Electric.  We just did some work for Mrs. Jones up the street.  I wanted to let you know that we do a lot of work in your neighborhood.  If there’s anything we can do for you, here’s our number on our card, and here are some energy saving tips.  And, please note, my card has a coupon on it… So, you’ll be saving money too.  Thanks so much for your time, and have a great day.”
Is that hard to say?  No!  If your electricians push back, offer them a small spiff on each home that calls you back.  You pay for marketed leads already, so this would be no different.
When you’re hurting for business, there’s nothing easier than knocking on doors.  It’s highly effective too.
Best of luck to you in your community marketing efforts!

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