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Business Vitamins

Everybody knows about One-A-Day vitamins. These vitamins have been around for decades and have been trusted by generations of consumers.  What do these vitamins have to do with your business?
The “one-a-day” concept can also be applied to an idea program involving your employees.  If you don’t have a suggestion program in place involving employees, you might want to consider a “one-a-day” idea program.
Why? Because some of the best ideas don’t come from ownership or management, they come from people who experience the same things day after day, and have ideas on how to improve processes.
If you want to improve your bottom line you need to involve everyone in the thought process. An “idea-a-day” is an excellent way to get fresh ideas. Those ideas are the business vitamins that keep your business growing and thriving.  And oh yes, the people with the best ideas should find a little something “extra” in their next paycheck, too.

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