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Boost Business & Support Your Community By Getting Active in Charities

Find a cause and support it. Just make sure that the majority of your customers would support the same cause. And make sure the cause is legal and the “right thing to do.”

If you have seen businesses that have changeable signs in front of their buildings you know about this topic. Some put funny sayings or sale announcements on the signs while others carry more serious messages. Some of these messages support a certain cause, such as support for breast cancer research or the Make-A-Wish foundation, to name of couple of outstanding causes to latch onto and support.
If you don’t have a sign in front of your business or the space to put a special message in your advertising copy, you may want to consider showing your support for a good cause in a different way.
If you’re in the contracting industry, you probably have at least one vehicle. How difficult would it be to have a large magnet printed saying “Proud Supporter of INSERT THE CHARITY”? Or you could even say, “$XX from Every Service Call Supports XYZ Charity!” The beauty of the magnet is you can take it down whenever you want! There’s more you can do…

When you plan your next direct mail piece or e-mail newsletter (you do have one or the other don’t you?) include a message about your support for a local, regional, or national organization. Show your customers that you care about important social issues and that you are willing to back up your words with active participation.

Your charitable efforts will turn customers into lifelong fans of your company. But more than the benefit that it provides for your business, it’s the right thing to do. After all, you make your living off of your community; you should go ahead and support it, too.

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